DIY Kayak Leash

Have you ever flipped your kayak and did not have your gear attached by a kayak lease. Here is how to make yourself a DIY Kayak Leash.

Buying the Items

Well here is an easy DIY project that you can do at home with very few things purchased from your local hardware store.

roll of trimmer line
DIY Kayak Leash -Trimmer Line

The first is to travel to your local hardware store to pick out the following items:

Weedeater trimmer line, wooden dowel rod, shrink tubing, carabiners, and aluminum ties.

Making the DIY Kayak Leash

After purchasing everything and getting back home, just lay everything out on a big table.

Cut your trimmer line to the desired length you want to make your DIY Kayak Leash.

Cutting the trimmer line to about 24 inches is a good length to start with

After cutting the trimmer line it was time to cut the dowel rod to several lengths

Went into the shop and cut several pieces of the dowel rod to 14 inches

dowel rod
Dowel rod at 14 inches

After cutting the dowel rod to 14 inches, it was time to drill a hole in each end to help secure the trimmer line.

dowel rod
Drilled hole in the dowel rod

Taking the trimmer line you have cut to the desired length, it is time to start winding it onto the dowel road till it is all used and secured with the second hole.

trimmer line wrapped around dowel rod
DIY Kayak Leash wrapped around the dowel rod

Continuing to make DIY Kayak Leash

After this step is done it is time to boil some water and soak the wrapped trimmer line.

Make sure you get to the water as hot as you can and let it stay in there for about 20 minutes.

Removing the wrapped line from the dowel rod is easy to do, just pull the secured ends from the holes.

kayak leash
DIY Kayak Leash after being soaked

Before attaching the trimmer line you must take the Shrink tubing and slide it on each end.

Then take the aluminum ties and slid them onto the trimmer line as well.

heat shrink
Shrink Tubing
Aluminum Ties

After looping the trimmer line back thru the aluminum ties, heat the shrink up with a heat gun.

Then take a pair of pliers and squeeze the aluminum ties so they will hold the trimmer line.

leash attached to board
shrink tubing and aluminum tie attached

With this end attached, it is time to do the other end the same way.

Finalizing the DIY Kayak Leash

After finishing both ends the same way all I had to do is attach the carabiner to the loop end.


Thank you for taking your time and read my blog post and hope they help you.


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