Tom Triplett Community Park

Pooler, Georgia

Tom Triplett Sign
Tom Triplett Community Park

Before we get into the heart of discussing this community park located just outside Pooler, Georgia called Tom Triplett Community Park.

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As a rule of thumb to follow is to look at the weather before going fishing anytime.

The trip started out always me loading all my gear up the night before and then spending time with Christina.

Although my sleeping is never good before a fishing trip, like I am waiting for Christmas morning.

The alarm clock never goes off because my mind tells me it is time to get up and get going.

Start of the trip

First, it is always good to pick up some breakfast and coffee to start the morning out right.

I stopped by the Love’s Truck Stop just about five minutes from my house, then back on the highway we go.

Traveling about twenty minutes to the the opening of the park , just to find it was not open yet.

In this case , I had to wait for about another ten minutes for park personal to show up and open the gate.

Tom Tripplet Park
Tom Triplett Lake

Obviously, made a bad time judgment getting there way to early.

Just a heads up on this park, it does not open till about 7:55 in the morning.

We made our way into the parking lot area which is adjacent to the edge of the lake area.

My fishing partner on this trip were Ed and Mr. Pat. We unloaded and off we went in search of bass.

Catching Fish at Tom Triplett Community Park

Paddling around the small lake was going to be tough this morning due to the wind projected to be blowing a whopping twelve miles per hour.

Deciding to stay near the edge of the lake and fishing the ledges was my go to method.

Grabbing the finesse jig with a crawfish trailer was the first bait of choice.

Flipping it to the ledge edge and immediately feeling the thump, it was fishing on.

measuring a bass
12.5 inch Bass

Finally the fish came to the surface and it was a measurable fish at a length of 12.5 inches.

Continuing to fish for the next several hours without a bite and it was getting frustrating at Tom Tripplet Community Park.

Clearly the odd weather temperature and wind was affecting the fishing.

Just like that , the fish bite the wacky rig and BAM! another measurable fish at 12.25 inches.

After finishing Catch, Photo and Release on the last fish of the day, it was time to call it day and pack up.

Daniel holding bass
Daniel Holding Bass

In closing, Tom Triplett Community Park is a well maintained park by the Chatham County Parks and Recreation.

It makes for a great little place to bring a small group of fisherman or just yourself to relax and try to catch these highly pressured fish.

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