Tokyo Rig

Tokyo Rig punching through grass mats with heavy tungsten weights is sometimes the best way to get bass to bite. The Rig does both jobs better, triggering more bites and bringing more bass into the kayak.

Tokyo Rig Bass
Tokyo Rig Bass

Toyko RIg is a pre-made set-up for punch-shotting thick vegetation and laydowns. Punch-shotting is like heavy-duty drop-shotting through thick vegetation. Imagine a drop-shot rig looking like the Hulk with a big hook and long wire. This is the Toyko Rig for you.

The make-up

The Rig features a heavy-duty wide gap hook, barrel-swivel, welded O-ring, and rigid wire arm to which kayak anglers can attach a weight or two of their choice.

Toyko Rig
Tokyo Rig

The Rig can dramatically increase an angler’s hook-up ratio when targeting bass under hydrilla mats or in other thick vegetation. Its design is a heavyweight positioned below the bait and away from the impact zone. This helps ensure nothing gets between a bass and the hook.

The Rig also allows favorite soft-plastic baits to impart much more action than with a punch rig or Texas Rig. One of the favorite bait to fish on this rig is a ZMan Billy Goat. 

Zman Goat
Zman Goat


Easily customizable, the Rig can carry enough weight to punch through a mat of vegetation or just enough weight to get down fast to bass buried in thick grass. To keep the weight in place, you can simply use narrow-nose pliers to bend back the end of the rig’s, 2 1/2-inch dropper wire. WOO! Tungsten Worm Weights in various sizes work well. They slide in and out of heavy vegetation easily and make a clicking sound when they collide. You may also want to consider putting a glass ball in between the weights as well.

Toyko Rig Setup
Tokyo Rig Setup

Most anglers typically favor flipping a Tokyo Rig and also targeting laydowns, bushes, and stumps.

The Rig has really increased my hook-up ratio. It has been one of my go-to rigs for fishing from a kayak.

Yo Zuri Flourcarbon Line
Yo Zuri Fluorocarbon Line

If you want to stay ahead of all the other kayak anglers try this punch-shotting technique. Tie yourself a Tokyo Rig on and begin fishing it. It will definitely catch more bass for yourself.

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