Three Kayak Bass Fishing Accessories

In this article, we will discuss three kayak bass fishing accessories that are a must among kayak bass anglers. From the PFD to the perfect kayak bass fishing paddle, make your bass fishing trip successful. 

Kayak Bass Fishing

PFD for Kayak Bass Fishing

The Onyx Kayak Fishing PFD is designed with four different pocket designs. The one-button push drop-down tray pocket with an elastic strap perfectly holds my cell phone.

Oynx Kayak Bass Fishing PFD
Onyx Kayak Bass Fishing PFD

Its low profile and paddle-specific foam design are the best around. Six adjustment straps make it easy to snug fit the vest. One great feature is the high foam back which accommodates a high back seat for comfort. The lower back of the vest features a mesh material for coolness.

The Onyx Kayak Fishing Vest is coming in just at $99.99 on their website. You can find it on Amazon for just $54.14. Make sure you grab yours today because most states require you to have it on while kayak bass fishing. 


Frabill Kwik-Stow Folding Net is designed for convenience no matter where you set up. Made from lightweight, soft mesh, it’s gentle on catches, so your catch keeps its optimal shape as you retrieve it from out of the water.

Ideal for kayak and canoe fishing, Frabill Kwik Stow Folding  Net folds down for compact storage and extends for added reach. 

Frabill Kayak Bass Fishing Net

The Kwik Stow Folding Net’s quick latch telescoping handle extends from 20 to 40″, and the push button activated collapsing net completely folds down for compact storage.

When collapsed, the entire Kwik Stow Folding Net is only 25″ long! The fish-friendly, 14″-deep, tangle-free micro-mesh net has 3/16″ mesh, and the hoop measures 18″L x 16″W.

You can purchase this net at your nearest Bass Pro or Cabela’s for $37.99. Never get caught without a Frabill Net.

Paddle for Kayak Bass Fishing

Lastly, you will need a good paddle to get yourself around all your favorite bass fishing sports. I have written an article on choosing the correct kayak bass fishing paddle. Today, many anglers in the kayak bass fishing scene prefer motors to navigate from spot to spot or pedals. 

My favorite way to navigate my kayak is by using a paddle. I find myself slowing down and fishing an area to “death” rather than “speed” fishing. I use the Bending Branches Angler Paddle. Carbon fiber is the lightest material for a kayak bass fishing paddle.

Bending Branches Kayak Bass Fishing Paddle

The blade design of Bending Branches Paddles offers a silky-smooth forward stroke with zero tolerance for fluttering, preserving your energy for longer paddling trips down rivers and across lakes. 

You can visit their website by clicking Bending Branches. Bending Branches are high-end paddles; expect to spend a little more.

Grab three accessories for kayak bass fishing and plan a trip to your favorite fishing hole.