The YakAttack LeaderBoard Measuring Board

Kayak bass fishing tournaments have undergone a significant transformation over the years. Tournaments started as casual gatherings of kayak bass anglers competing for bragging rights. Today, they have progressed into highly competitive, well-organized events with rules and significant prizes. 

Due to the popularity of kayak bass fishing tournaments, the demand for measuring boards has increased. YakAttack created its board to ensure fairness and accuracy, as well as other important aspects anglers want in a measuring device.

YakAttack created their take on a measuring board and introduced their measuring device, The LeaderBoard at the ICAST Trade Show in 2023. 

Features of the YakAttack 28″ LeaderBoard

First, let’s take a look at a few of the features that the YakAttack LeaderBoard provides for anglers:

  1. A dual tournament tag holder.
  2. A reflective mirror-type bump to help tournament directors see the bass touching the bump.
  3. Three cull tabs allow you to keep score of your inches.
  4. The board measures out to 28 inches.
  5. It is wide enough to handle larger fish.

And lastly, and most importantly, it FLOATS, in case it falls overboard.

Tournament Approval 

With the release of the LeaderBoard, many tournament directors are looking at giving the kayak bass anglers another option when considering a measuring board. 

YakAttack reached out to tournament directors, myself included, and asked if we would test and evaluate the LeaderBoard. I received mine in the mail a few days later and put it to the test for a few hours on the water. 

Final Thoughts

In my opinion, I like how the contrast of the fish sticks out on the orange board and it is easy to read the inches in photos. Also, the double tourney tag spot is awesome in that it is out of the way and even folds away to the side of the bump. 

Lastly, the cull tags are a dream on the LeaderBoard. All I had to do was slide one cull tag to the inches of the smallest bass. This kept me from looking at the leaderboard on my fishing app. 

With the functionality and overall construction of the LeaderBoard, the $60.00 price tag is reasonable.

I like to say thank YakAttack for allowing me to test the LeaderBoard. My plan is to allow anglers that fish in my tournaments this measuring option.

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