The SEGKBF Weekend Warrior Series February 2024

The February 2024 edition of the SEGKBF Weekend Warrior Series has wrapped up and it was a great tournament! Five anglers competed against each other to earn the top spot in the series.

We had anglers from different parts of the country, including Georgia, Nevada, and North Carolina.

Despite the challenges posed by Mother Nature in various parts of the country, the five anglers managed to catch a total of thirteen bass.

SEGKBF Weekend Warrior Series Day One

On day one, Robert Reid took the lead on the leaderboard with an end-of-the-day total of 72 inches. The largest bass he caught measured in at 18.00 inches. 

Meanwhile, Elijah Lewis took the lead for big bass on day one with a Lake Sinclair largemouth measuring in at 21.75 inches. As the sun went down, Robert still held on to the first-place lead with a total of 72 inches.

After day one had come to a close, Dao Le, Chad Montgomery, and Juan Sensano had a tough day on the water not being able to get a bass in the kayak.

Weekend Warrior Series Day Two 

On day two, Chad Montgomery secured second place with a total catch of 37.75 inches. However, Robert held off the rest of the anglers to secure the top spot with a final total catch of 88.00 inches. Elijah Lewis secured the third-place spot.

As the tournament came to an end on day two, Dao Le and Juan Sensano had no bass in the kayak.

Big Bass Honors

The Big Bass honors went to Elijah Lewis for the February Weekend Warrior Series. His largest bass measured in at 21.75 inches. 

Not only did he receive Big Bass honors, but he also received a $50.00 gift certificate to YAKRODS to help with his next rod purchase. 

Congratulations to all the anglers who participated!  We hope to see you in the next tournament.

Head over to Tourney X and get in on the Weekend Warrior action. You could be the next angler who is on top.  Remember, the more anglers we have, the bigger the pot so spread the word!

A big shoutout to our sponsor, YAKRODS for providing the gift certificate for the Big Bass honors.