Tackle Monkey Bass Box


As a fisherman, have you ever thought of what lures to use? You have to try Tackle Monkey Bass Box.

Well, I might have a solution for you. It is called Tackle Monkey Bass Box. 

Tackle Monkey box
First TM Box

After receiving another brand for months , those boxes began to become the same lures over and over. 

So the good ole’ me began searching for another brand across the internet. 

As I was surfing the internet I can across a website www.tacklemonkey.com 

I reached out to the owner and asked several questions about their subscription box.

First question was, Do I get the same lures over and over as I have in a previous box and secondly, how long does it take to receive the box?

They told me that each monthly box is different and that you will never receive the same lure over and over.  


After asking the questions and looking over their website, I made an account and ordered my first subscription box. 

Placing the order was easy as it could be and all now was the wait game for it to arrive in the mail.

As I was waiting for it arrive , I was getting my thoughts together on how I was going to do he first unboxing video of the Tackle Monthly Subscription Bass Box.

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Join Tackle Monkey
Mail Time

Well after about seven days the box has arrived. I ran out to the mail box and was lke a little kid in the candy shop.

Opening the lid to the mailbox I could see a white box in there and it was game on from there.

Mail Time

Rushing back into my office, I sat down at the desk and set up all my camera equipment, and started the unboxing.

Doing the unboxing , I found awesome Bass Baits that I would use in the Southeast part of Georgia .

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