SEGKBF April Online Series

With the spawn and post-spawn going on for most of us throughout the southeast, the fishing has been on fire. SEGKBF April Online Series had a total of eleven anglers. At the end of the month, a total of one hundred seven bass were caught and measured. 

Eleven anglers put up a total of seven hundred seventy-nine and three-quarters inches that were submitted to the Tourney X App. This is the most total inches SEGKBF has seen since being in existence for over a year. 

Let us get into the top three anglers for SEGKBF April Online Series.

First Place

Coming in first place out of North Carolina was Robert Richardson. Robert is no stranger to producing large bags of bass. Robert was able to break the one hundred inches mark with a whopping one hundred and one inches giving him first place. 

First Place and Big Bass

Big Bass

Robert also took home big bass honors with a twenty-one-inch bass. 

Second Place

Bringing in second place for SEGKBF April Online Series was a Savannah, Georgia Native Cleveland Walker. Cleveland was able to measure a total of five fish for ninety-five and a quarter inches. Cleveland’s biggest fish was twenty and quarter inches. 

Second PLace

Third Place

Eventually, the top three were finished out by another North Carolina Angler Arlie Minton. Arlie is no stranger to the kayak angler scene. Arlie produced five fish for a total of ninety-five inches. Arlie’s biggest bass came in at nineteen and three-quarter inches.

Third Place

SEGKBF would like to thank all anglers who fish in each monthly tournament. Here is the current Angler of the Year race as well. If you would like to fish with SEGKBF for the monthly tournaments, you can email

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