Runcl Pliers

Choosing Runcl Pliers

When deciding on pliers to use for your kayak bass fishing needs, you want a pair that has multiple uses so you can cut down on your gear. Runcl Pliers is the one I chose.

As always, the first place to do research is on the internet or YouTube. So, my choice is always YouTube first. 

After watching tons of videos and reviews on pliers to use that have multiple uses, I chose these pliers. 

Runcl Pliers
RUNCL Fishing Pliers S1

When opening the package, I was surprised to see a leash and pouch to have come with the pliers.

Construction of Pliers

Coming in at just 7.1 ounces in weight and 7.5 inches in length, these would fit perfectly beside my kayak seat and came with a leash as well to tie them down to the seat. 

Runcl Pliers
RUNCL Pliers and Case

Made from anti-corrosion stainless steel these pliers have multi-function jaws that allow you to perform several duties. 

Like most bass fishermen we cut braid lines, change out split rings, tighten knots and crimp weights then you have come to the right place. 

These are the tool you need to have in your tackle bag or box. Find yours here.

Kayak tie down

Coming in at just $19.99, these pliers are a dream for the kayak fisherman. 

Using the Runcl Pliers

Having a spring-loaded system makes it easy and comfortable to cut braid lines. 

Braid Cutter
Braid cutter

Next, is have you ever had the trouble of changing treble hooks out of crank baits. 

Well, this feature it makes it easier. 

You can easily slide the “hook bill’ into the small ring and have the ring changed out in no time.

“Hook Bill”

Lastly, the pliers have a slot to help you tighten your knots so you will never have a knot come untied anymore.

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