RUNCL Heroism Baitcaster

RUNCL Heroism Baitcaster has made it into my hands. A very good beginner bait caster reel for the low price of $45.00. In the next few paragraphs, I will explain the over-reel to you.

I have to admit this reel feels good in the hand and is lightweight. Being a 7.3 gear ratio, it can be used for a variety of types of bass fishing rigs. This reel I received will be used mainly for crankbaits and jerk baits.


 7+1 double-shielded stainless steel ball bearings, specially designed with Japanese NMB stainless balls at both sides of the spool. Delivers incredibly smooth functioning and offers exceptional corrosion protection in saltwater surroundings

RUNCL Heroism Baitcaster Overall
RUNCL Heroism Baitcaster Overall


Equipped with a fish bite sound alarm system, “tick-tock, tick-tock” when fish biting and walking fish. You can use a lighter fishing line with lightweight aluminum, fine-tuning adjust the star-shaped drag knob.


Exceptionally smooth and powerful 3-carbon disc drag system that delivers over 17.6 lbs. of fish-stopping drag power. It guarantees you a larger catch with exceptionally smooth and powerful performance and value

RUNCL Heroism Baicaster "BORN TO WIN"
RUNCL Heroism Baicaster “BORN TO WIN”


It provides a stable and faster 7.3:1 gear ratio, quickly picks up the fishing line at 29 inches per turn, and is great for pitching jigs or burning baits at high speed. The anti-slip metal grip on the spool allows spreading the fishing line properly all over the spool, suitable for heavier lures and also lighter lures


Twelve levels magnetic braking system eliminates casting issues while maximizing casting distance and fishing line control in windy conditions. With instant anti-reverse, hardened aluminum main gears for extreme durability and lightweight, the TPR knob provides a superior grip and keeps your hands comfortable during a long fishing trip. Ultralight 7.23oz Net Weigt

RUNCL Heroism Baitcaster Front View
RUNCL Heroism Baitcaster Front View

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