Have you ever caught a big bass and wondered how much it weighed? We have a solution for you, the RUNCL Digital Scale FS300. 

Let me introduce you to a company that can certainly weigh your big bass for you, they are called RUNCL. 

RUNCL Digital Scale

RUNCL makes a portable digital scale which is waterproof and just operates off two batteries. 

You can find them HERE.

Description of the RUNCL Digital Scale

The RUNCL Digital Scale FS300 is designed to ensure accurate measurements even if it is accidentally dropped in the water.

Equipped with a strong fish-friendly gripper, easy-open jaws allow you to safely lift, weigh, photograph, and quickly release your catch without harming the fish. 


Corrosion-resistant plastic construction extends the lifespan of the gripper in the rigors of avid angling.

RUNCL fishing scale features an easy-to-read large digital display for enhanced viewing even in direct sunlight.


Comes with a backlight for low light and evening conditions out on the lake.

Data lock function holds the weight for convenient reading.

Auto-off saves power for maximum battery life. Overload indication avoids damage. The low battery indicator lets you know when to replace the two AAA batteries (included).

A 39.4in built-in tape offers easy measurement.


A Three weight display options provide you with the ability to display weight in LB, KG, OZ.

The waterproof scale boasts a high precision strain gauge sensor, delivers super-accurate measurements in seconds. 

The scale is sized to easily fit in your tackle box, glove box, or pocket.

The simple one-hand operation allows for weighing BIG BASS easily.

All these functions make it ideal for tournament situations.


RUNCL digital scale has a capacity to hold 100 pounds.

On the website, they are available in two colors: blue and green.


If you enjoy the scale, they also have a set of great pliers as well and they are perfect for all your fishing needs. 

You can find my review on the pliers HERE.

Using the Scale

When you open the box, you will find it packaged very well and secured. 

Remove it and insert the batteries which are furnished along with a small screwdriver to assist you in removing the battery cover. 

After inserting the batteries all you must do is turn it on and hang the fish-friendly gripper on the hook and you are ready to go.

In closing, using the Runcl Digital Scale makes it very awarding to know the weight of the BIG BASS.