Plano Soft Kayak Crate


Have you ever wondered how you are going to store all your tackle while fishing from a kayak? Plano Soft Kayak Crate is the solution.

First, you must figure out how much tackle you want to take on your fishing trip with you.

Like me, I try to carry everything in the world I can just as every fisherman does.

After I purchased my kayak, I immediately went to my shed and found an old milk crate. These make perfect beginner tackle storage for the kayak.

After about five trips, I knew that there was a need for more tackle space in my crate, therefore I took a trip to Sportsman’s Warehouse.


While browsing the fishing section, two things caught my eye, and immediately I took off down the aisle to check the first item out.

Just like that, I found an oversized plastic crate that would fit all my Plano 3600 boxes perfectly.

Oversized Plastic Kayak Crate

However, my plastics would still have to be kept in a zip lock baggie. At this point, something came to mind that had caught my eye earlier.

Along with the crate, I also found a Plano Soft crate that slid right into the hard create.

Plano Soft Kayak Crate

As a result, my idea was to come together to store all my tackle.

Without a doubt, it was going to be the best kayak crate system ever. In fact, it cost me $75.00 for both items.

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Putting the Crate Together

Finally arriving back home it was time to get all the tackle organized and the crate put together.

For the most part, all the tackle was previously organized in the Plano 3600 boxes already but the plastics were in a zip lock bag.

Side Zipper Compartment of the Plano Soft Kayak Crate
Side Zipper Compartment of the Plano Soft Kayak Crate

Taking the Plano Soft Crate, it had absolutely the exact storage for all my tackle including the plastics.

Plano had outdone itself when they made this soft crate and the compartments to fit everything.

The big center compartment has enough room to fit six Plano 3600 boxes, which is indeed enough space.

Center Compartment of Plano Soft Kayak Crate
Center Compartment of Plano Soft Kayak Crate

Also, on the crate, it has two detachable zipper compartments that were perfect for all my plastics and other bags of swimbaits.

In addition, the top of the crate also has a detachable zipper compartment that holds my fish grippers and several other smaller Plano boxes.

Top Compartment of the Soft Kayak Crate
Top Compartment of the Soft Kayak Crate

In summary, if you are looking for a great kayak fishing crate visit your local Sportsman’s Warehouse and grab this setup.

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Plano 3600 Soft Kayak Crate

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