Plano Edge Series

Making the Decision

After using these cheap plastic tackle boxes from other companies for over the past years. Plano finally came out with the most awesome box ever. Before making a bad decision, let me introduce you to Plano Edge Series. 

Therefore, the first thing I did as always do go to the internet and do research on them. Have you ever thought about how you are going to store your tackle?

Plano Edge Series 3600

Head over to Sportsman Warehouse Site and grab your Plano Edge Series starting at only $19.99. 

You can find yours here.

Plano offers several different sizes of the Plano Edge Series ranging from small to large boxes. These boxes are designed to be opened one handed. This is a major plus from fishing from my kayak.

Check out my kayak here.

The makeover of the Box

Personally I use the 3600 series of this box because they fit perfectly in my Plano Soft Kayak Crate. 

You can buy your the soft crate here. 

Each one of these boxes come with a pack of dividers along with a moisture wick. The little moisture wick helps take the water vapor from the inside. This allows your baits to last longer and not rust. 

Plano Edge Series Water Wick

With the dividers it allows you to custom design the lengths inside the box. If you have small jigs or large cranks these boxes are for you. 

Also the boxes have a latch that secures water tight. So if it rains while kayak fishing your boxes will not fill with water. These boxes exhibit a technology that is superb to none. 

It is called Rustricitor, which helps your terminal tackle and baits not to rust. There is nothing like grabbing our favorite out of the box to find it rusty.

Plano Edge Series divided or Swimbaits

As for a bass fisherman like I am, that is the worst nightmare. Having my favorite jig hook to be rusty and brittle is my worst luck ever. 

After I bought the fist one , I knew I had to have more of the Plano Edge Series Boxes . Now with a total of six in my crate it is time to close the deal on two more. 

The next two I will purchase are the 3600 Plan Edge Series Terminal and Flex. This will do me in my tackle storage on my kayak. 

Jigs and Chatterbaits

I was very happy that Plano came with a series that would save my tackle from getting rusty and having to buy more. 

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