Pat Crawford Fisherman in Kayak

Pat Crawford

Angler Pat Crawford got his start bass fishing from his dad. Some sixty years ago my dad took me bass fishing for the first time. I started with a Zebco 33 Rod and Reel with a pre-rigged worm as my choice of bait. Catching my first bass and can you say it was addicting from this point?

Dad being in the Air Force, we traveled a lot so it wasn’t until we settled back to Nevils, Georgia that I started back Bass fishing. During my high school and college years, I did not have a lot of time to bass fish. As the years went on I was able to get out more and more.

Start of My Kayak Fishing

Dad and I started fishing again together in boat bass tournaments for several years. Having a great family is the key to being successful as a great angler. My wife and children supported the idea and off I went fishing bass tournaments with dad. As the years went on in the big bass boat world it was being to get tough. At this point, I decided to switch to the kayak side of bass fishing. Angler Pat Crawford started fishing from a kayak eighteen years ago. A Ride 135 was my first kayak. Then I upgraded to a Vibe Sea Ghost. Fishing out the Vibe for years and growing in age it was time to upgrade to a new kayak. After doing some tests with other SEGKBF club members’ kayaks, it was the decision on a Bonafide.

Joining SEGKBF

After several years of just fishing leisurely from the kayak, it was just later in 2021 a kayak bass fishing club was formed near me. Southeast Georgia Kayak Bass FIshing was formed and I reached out to them to join.

This was my first year actually bass fishing competitively from a kayak. Having met this group of anglers it was going to be an exciting year. This is one of the best groups of guys ever to bass fish with.

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