Ed Wolfe

Angler Ed Wolfe started his life in Savannah, Georgia. When he was nine, they moved to a small peanut farm near Newington, GA. Between school and work on the farm, there was not much time for fishing or much else for that matter.

In 2008, Angler Ed Wolfe moved back to town to find a job and proceeded to work a plethora of jobs ranging from personal assistant to the foreman of a yacht repair crew.

I can thank my wonderful wife for my obsession with bass fishing. While we were dating, I regularly went to visit her and her folks down in Florida.

Her dad took me fishing one day, and I had no clue what I was doing. I held the spinning reel upside down and couldn’t tie a knot to save my life.

After coming home, I binge-watched Gene “Flukemaster” Jenson videos for a couple of months and practiced casting in the yard. A few trips to Florida later I landed my first four-pound bass on the St. Johns River and I was hooked.

Kayak Bass Fishing

After Joanna and I were married for a few years we grew tired of bank fishing and bought a couple of inexpensive kayaks.

Shortly afterward, in 2017 our first daughter arrived. We hung up the Bass rods and stuck the kayaks in the shed to gather dust.

In early 2020, I met Daniel Woodcock and bought my Bonafide SS107. As work started to slow down due to the pandemic, he and I began fishing together regularly.

When Daniel started the SEGKBF club, I joined right away, and this has been my first year of tournament fishing. I await the day when my girls are older and they and my wife can start fishing with us too.

SEGKBF is a great group of anglers to fish with, I’ve learned a lot, caught some giants, and am looking forward to the next live tourney.