Ocmulgee PFA

SEGKBF hosted their fourth tournament of the year at Ocmulgee PFA just outside Cochran, Georgia. With a total of seventeen anglers in the field, it was going to be a shoot-out. Ocmulgee PFA  is known throughout Georgia as one of the best bass fishing public fishing areas.

Ocmulgee PFA
Ocmulgee PFA

The decision to Fish Ocmulgee PFA

Several of us anglers decided to take the trip Friday night due to a long drive from Savannah, GA. area. We were able to locate a little campground called Hillside Family Campground just twenty minutes away from Ocmulgee PFA. They had little wooden rustic cabins for just $35.00 a night, which is a fisherman’s dream. If you ever have a chance to visit them, I would highly recommend it. It truly feels like you are living off the grid and in the  Alaska Frontier, but no snow(LOL).

Start of the Day

Waking up at five am and off to the lake everyone went. It is my first time ever fishing in this public fishing area, I did not know what to expect. Winding down some of the finest country back roads and into the PFA I went. Launch time was at 6 and lines in at 6:15. All the anglers were ready and eager to see who would catch the largest bag of bass today. I had guessed 83.00 total inches would win the tournament. 

First Ocmulgee PFA Bass

First, I paddled to a little stretch of the lake next to the bank. picking up my Quantum Spinning Reel attached to a Diawa Exceler Rod. It was rigged a Delta Customs  3” White Pepper Bayou Swimmer on a 3/0 EWG VMC Hook. I cast next to a cypress tree and all of a sudden I felt a tug. I reeled down and set the hook and the fight was on. After battling this monster on this light-spinning setup, I was able to net it. 

19.50 inch bass
19.50 Bass

Reaching for my Ketch X  Measuring Board and Bluefox Tin Tag so I could get my measurement of this beast. Measuring in at 19.50 inches, it felt like I was off to a great start. Continuing to fish the same way I caught the first one, I did not get a bite the rest of the day.

Leaderboard at Ocmulgee PFA

Sneaking a peak at the leaderboard throughout the day other anglers were putting great numbers on the board. Several anglers had caught fish ranging from 23 to 14 inches. I have to give props to AJ Balbo and Ed Wolfe for both catching 23.00 inches. AJ earned the big bass rights for the tournament. 

Ed Wolfe  with 23 inch bass
Ed Wolfe
AL Balbo's 23 inch Big Bass
AJ Balbo’s 23 inch BIG BASS

In closing, could anyone catch Adam Fournier. Adam was able to put up the most inches caught in a SEGKBF Tournament this year. Adam measured a total of five bass with his total length of 101.00 inches. WOW is all I can say. That is a kayak bass fisherman’s dream in any tournament. 

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