I wanted to take the time to give you a great finesse fishing technique that we seldom see people utilize called the Mojo RIg or poor man’s Carolina rig.   Think of this rig as if you were to combine a split-shot rig with a lightweight Carolina rig.


Use a spinning rod that you would use for either drop shot fishing or shakey head.  Kayak Anglers always suggest using Yo Zuri Yellow braided mainline 6 to 8-pound Yo Zuri fluorocarbon leader that is approximately 4-6 feet long.

spinning reel setup
Spinning Reel Setup


Put a bobber stop on the line and move it up approximately three feet.  

Woo! Tungsten Weight, Bead and Bobber Stop
Woo! Tungsten Weight, Bead, and Bobber Stop


Next, slide a 3/16 to 1/4 ounce WOO! Tungsten bullet weight down the line and add a bead behind it.  Then add another bobber stop. Using the bobber stop in the front and in the back you can easily adjust how much the weight will travel up and down the line.

Mojo Jo Weight Setup
Mojo Rig Weight Setup


Mojo Rig Hook
Mojo Rig Hook

Choose your hook and your bait.  Use a finesse hook to tie off.  Start with a number 1/0 worm hook then you can increase or decrease the size depending on how the fish react to your bait.  Choose a small bait.  A small fluke, drop-shot worm, or small finesse worm is amazing. Just keep it small from 4 inches or less.

4 Inch Swim Bait
4 Inch Swim Bait

How to Fish the Mojo Rig

Very similar to fishing a split-shot rig, the most important thing to remember is to cast as close to the bank as possible. Work it out slowly with short pulls and hops. The bite will feel mushy and you’ll notice the line start to swim away. This is also a super effective way to catch fish during the spring spawn. One thing to remember is that you will have to shorten the leader down to only 6 to 10 inches.  Be patient with this approach because it will work.  Have fun and stay safe.

Mojo Rig Bass
Mojo RIg Bass

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