Mohawk Lake

Savannah, Georgia

Would you have ever thought a beautiful little lake lays in the middle of a big city? It is called Mohawk Lake

Doing research on Google Earth it is amazing what you can find hidden inside big cities and in residential neighborhoods.

google map of Mohawk Lake
Map Image of Mohawk Lake

Scrolling over the map area of Savannah, Georgia, I stumbled on to several places.

First stop on the map was just off Abercorn Street called Mohawk Park.

You travel down past the main gate of Hunter and turn right at the stop sign.

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As you are traveling down Mohawk Street you will notice the park opening to your left. Just pull in and you are in the parking lot.

Entrance sign
Park Entrance Sign

As you are exiting your vehicle, you will notice a small lake, walking track, playground and dog park area located within the park area.


Going Fishing

On September 19,2020, myself and several fishing buddies decided to grab out kayaks and take a trip to Mohawk Lake.

Immediately after arriving, this little lake was amazing to look at. We loaded our gear into out kayaks and off to fishing we went.

Mohawk Lake
Overall view of Mohawk Lake

Looking at the layout and the structure of the lake, my thoughts where that targeting Bass would be along the grass lines of the lake.

Starting out with a Strike King Finesse Jig in Green Pumpkin and a trailered by an orange crawfish as the trailer

Paddling against the grass line for several hours and not even receiving a bite, I decided to switch over to more of finesse rig called the “NED RIG’.


New to fishing the Ned Rig this year, I decided to go with the Z-man Products.

The go-to bait was going to be a Ned RIg. After a few casts, a small channel catfish hammered it.

Continuing down the grass line, I was able to catch a small bass that measured a whopping 7 inches (LOL).

Fisherman at Mohawk Lake
Fisherman enjoying Mohawk Lake

In closing, I would like to say that this little lake as potential

this weather in South Georgia would corporate with us, bass fisherman.3

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