Mares Dive Boots

Purchasing Mares Dive Boots

Have you ever got your feet wet kayaking in cold weather? If you have, I have a solution for you a pair of Mares Dive Boots.

Kayak fishing here in Southeast Georgia you would not think it would be frustrating getting your feet wet, but to me, I can not stand wet socks inside tennis shoes.

Beginning to think what I could purchase, immediately I logged into Amazon.

To show the reader the exact pair of boots I bought
Mares Waterproof Dive Boots

Briefly looking at several pair, I finally found a pair that would fit my budget and style I wanted.

First when you search Amazon you have to read the reviews about every item.

After purchasing the Mares Waterproof Dive Boots, they arrived in two days and first thing was to try them on.

Click here to get your very own pair:

As a rule look at the reviews, everyone was saying they where great boots and kept their feet from getting wet and warm during those cold days fishing.

Slipping my feet into these boots was like a glove, they fit perfect and was amazingly comfortable. Immediately I knew that they were going to do the job that I was

Fishing in the Mares Dive Boots

Arriving at my favorite fishing venue, I quickly unloaded all my gear and kayak and slipped on the boots.

First, I stepped into the edge of the lake and surprisingly my feet did not get wet.

Secondly, it was easier to access the kayak as well.

mares dive boots
Using Mares Dive Boots

If you do not know about the blistering heat here in Southeast Georgia, you definitely need sun protection.

Obviously, these boots also provide your feet from being sunburned while kayak fishing.

Sitting in the kayak and being able to feel comfortable in the best thing in the world.

You can hang your feet over the side of the kayak and not get them wet.


Furthermore, I can say this is was a great purchase from Amazon as well as Mares themselves.

If you ever think about buying a pair, I would highly suggest these boots.

In addition to being durable, they also have a great rubber sole on them.

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