Lowrance Hook2 4x GPS Plotter

Deciding on a fish finder

Have you ever thought about putting a fish finder on you kayak?

Ever since buying my kayak that is one thing you need on it.

Fishing unknown waters is a disadvantage to you if you do not have a fish finder and I have experienced that this past year.

Beginning to research as I always do before buying anything. I went over to the internet and started.

Having a Lowrance product in the past when we had our inshore boat I knew they made great products.

After researching and looking at You Tube Videos, I decided to buy the Lowrance Hook2 4X GPS Plotter.

Buying the Fish Finder

Being close to Christmas time here in Georgia and close to Savannah, which as a Bass Pro Shop.

I looked in there Black Friday Sales Flyer and BOOM they had them on sale for $85.00 dollars.

Having a great wife like I do , she bought me a early Christmas Gift. I am one happy fisherman.

She purchased it online and had store pickup which saved another $5.00 oh shipping.

Overall, Lowrance Hook2 4X GPS ended up costing us only $80.00 plus tax. That is a great deal on a beginner fish finder for my kayak.

Unboxing Fish Finder

After getting home and admiring the fish finder box like an little kid in a candy store.

Out came the pocket knife to cut the tape on the box.

Opening the box you will find everything from the head unit to the screws to mount it with.

Now was the time to look on Amazon and purchase a transducer and head mount kit.

Purchasing the Transducer and Head Mount Kit

After looking on Amazon for a couple hours and reading reviews of many products, decided to purchase the Scotty Mount System.

Receiving in just a couple days , I immediately started the assembly and to be quit frank it went together very easily.

Next was the base for the head unit. I bought four stainless steel nuts and bolts to attached the base to the head unit of the fish finder.

After assembling everything was ready to install on the gear track on the kayak.

Installing on the Kayak

Scotty Base Mount

First I snapped the head unit into the Scotty Gear Trac Mount and the slid it into the gear trac that is located on the right side of my Lifetime Yukon Angler 116. Look at the walk through below.

Lifetime Yukon Angler 116

Secondly, I attached the transducer arm to the gear trac and secured it tightly so it would not come undone.

Scotty Transducer Arm with Bullet Transducer

After getting everything attached I plugged the unit in on to 12 volt battery I purchased from Amazon as well.

12 volt Battery

Just like that I had a operational fish finder on my kayak for less that $150.00 dollars.

Once I get it on the water I will do a complete video review of it as well, so make you subscribe to my YouTube Channel.

Head Unit

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