Lake Mayer Community Park

Lake Mayer Community Park

First of all, let me say Lake Mayer Community Park is a wonderful body of water for the recreational kayak bass fisherman. I took advantage of a cold February morning in 2020 to try for some winter bass.

In case you did not know, South Georgia does not get cold very often. This morning was different a cold one. The temperatures were in the low thirties and clear skies.

Lake Mayer, Savannah, GA

In fact, arriving at the boat ramp to launch my kayak, there were several big bass boat owners. They were finishing a little tournament.

They all started asking questions about how it was to fish out of the kayak and heard it was a growing sport. Although I was new to it myself, I gave them my opinion of it.

When discussing my opinions with them several of them chuckled. I turned around and went on about my business.

Aerial shot of Lake Mayer

I loaded all my gear and launched my kayak and off to fishing I went.

Truly not knowing anything about Lake Mayer, I went back to be instincts of where bass might be at in the lake and it being cold, I knew I would definingly be finesse fishing early.

Surprisingly, The sun was coming up and warming up the westside bank of the pond.

For this reason, I paddled over to a blown-down tree and threw my finesse jig at the edge of the tree and when I bumped the jig one time, I felt the tension.

First fish of the day- 15 inches

Given that, I measured the fish and quickly released it back and off to the next spot. Due to a lot of the bank left on the sunny side of the lake, I continued to flip the jig and fish very slowly.

In the hope, it was a fish, I reeled down and set the hook. Just like that, it was fish on and the big boat boys had not even launched their boats.

Second Fish at 13.25 inches

Seeing that the fish did not want to bite the finesse jig anymore, I went to a crawfish-colored crankbait.

The first thing to remember is that I would have to crank it slow, slow, and slow.

I threw it to the bank area and as a result, I had my second fish of the day at 13.25 inches.

On the positive side, having never fished here, catching them was becoming more and more.

Biggest fish of the day at 17 inches

Quickly measuring the fish and releasing it back, I was cranking away again.

Instantly, I knew this was a bigger fish than the other two.

Landing the fish was the best ever because I was fishing next to a big bass boat fisherman.

Big smiles with big smiles

In closing, let me say that this lake has great potential for big fish and I outfished the big bass boat dudes.

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