Lake Mayer and Frank O Williams

Southeast Georgia Kayak Bass Fishing (SEGKBF) started the 2022 Season off with a bang. The tournament kicked off at Lake Mayer and Frank O Williams in Savannah, Georgia. A total of twelve anglers were scheduled to fish, but due to the cold, some did not fish. The morning started with temperatures in the low 30’sand winds up to ten miles per hour. We all knew that the fishing was going to be tough in these conditions.

Anglers launched and off to their spots they went. Numerous anglers were catching undersized fish on drop shots and other finesse techniques. As the day rocked on and temperatures did not change much, anglers managed to catch some keepers.

Adam Fournier

Adam continued to grind it out throughout the day and finished first with a total of 78.25 inches. A lot of people ask why kayakers go by inches, well it is because of having no way to safely keep fish alive in a kayak. You can read on Catch, Photo, Release here. Adam’s biggest fish at 19.25 help him seal the win at the start of 2022.

Adam's 19.25 inch Bass
Adam’s 19.25 inch Bass

Micheal Clifton

This is Micheal’s first year fishing with SEGKBF, but he is not new to kayak bass fishing. Micheal continued to work through the cold conditions and put up a total of 62.75 inches for second place. Micheal’s biggest fish came in at 18.00 inches.

Michael's 18.00 inch Bass
Michael’s 18.00 inch Bass

Daniel Woodcock

Daniel chose to fish Frank O Williams at launch this morning. After a few hours on the water and battling cold and windy conditions, he managed to put 33.00 inches on the leaderboard for a third-place finish. Daniel’s biggest fish was 17.50 inches.

Daniel's 17.50 inch Bass
Daniel’s 17.50 inch Bass

Jonah Smith

Another new member of SEGKBF, Jonah Smith was able to pull the big bass honors out. Jonah’s big bass measured in at 19.50 inches.

Jonah's Big Bass
Jonah’s Big Bass

Here at the final results for the Lake Mayer and Frank O Williams Tournament. A total of sixteen fish were caught with them totaling 252 inches.

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