Kayak Bass Fishing Southeast Georgia 

Have you ever been Kayak Bass Fishing in Southeast Georgia and wondered how to fish the smaller places? Ever crossed a rocky river and thought about all the bass in the deeper holes? There is a way. It is called Kayak Bass Fishing. 

Kayak Bass Fishing Southeast Georgia (DODGE COUNTY PFA)
Kayak Bass Fishing Southeast Georgia (DODGE COUNTY PFA)

Kayak bass fishing is becoming more and more popular as people learn about it. Fishing from a kayak is inexpensive, and it allows you to get to places others can’t fish.

I have fished all my life. I  started going to ponds and creeks with my grandfather and progressed to the point of fishing bass boat tournaments. A couple of years ago, I discovered kayak bass fishing. It allowed me to “get back to my roots” of fishing smaller waters and catching more fish.

With the encouragement of my wife, Christina, I founded Southeast Georgia Kayak Bass Fishing. I organized the first bass tournament trail for kayak bass fishing in Southeast Georgia. Growing the sport of kayak bass fishing is a big part of my life. Enjoying my time on the water with other kayak anglers is a part as well.

Choosing A Kayak

Choosing a fishing kayak is not as simple as you might think. There are a lot of options on the market today. My personal kayak is a Nucanoe Frontier 12. The best way to choose the one for yourself is to find a kayak dealer with water demos. You can visit Kioti OUtfitters near Athens, Georgia, for sure. 

Sit on top boats can’t sink because they are full of air. They allow more freedom of movement, and you can even stand up in some models. You can carry much more fishing equipment and even can put trolling motors on most models now. 

Nucanoe Frontier 12 (BULLDOG COLOR)
Nucanoe Frontier 12 (BULLDOG COLOR)

In general terms, width equals stability and maneuverability, and length equals speed and straight tracking. If you are fishing the creeks or rivers you want the kayak to be stable. 

Pay attention to the front and back. A deep skeg on the back is good for tracking in a straight line. A pointed bow makes the boat cut through the water and move more efficiently.

Choose the Right Kayak for You

You can get an excellent basic fishing kayak for less than $1000. Kayak anglers will probably spend that much more rigging it, though. You will save money on gas and oil since you don’t need any in the kayak. Kayaks don’t have to be registered since they don’t have a motor. You can start with the basics and add the more expensive rigging as you learn what you want.

Kayak Bass Fishing Southeast Georgia Rivers
Kayak Bass Fishing Southeast Georgia Rivers

You can get a kayak and a paddle and go fishing. But many accessories will make it more comfortable and make fishing more efficient. The nice thing about most accessories is they are easily interchangeable with other kayaks. Accessories clip on the boat or slip into mounting holes you cut for them.

A good seat with support for your back is a basic necessity. Your back can get very tired if you paddle and fish very long. So try different seats until you find one that gives you good support. Inflatable seats are comfortable but may not provide enough back support.

Accessories for Kayak

Fishing accessories are as varied as your imagination wants them to be. Dry boxes are suitable for storing things you want to keep dry, like a cell phone. Tackle boxes can be bought to fit existing compartments, or you can make special attachments for them. Coolers are the same.

Rod holders, a depth finder, and/or GPS can be mounted where you can use them. You can get a rudder system that you control with your feet. Some kayaks even have a propulsion system that you paddle with your feet.

Cleveland Walker Kayak Bass Fishing Southeast Georgia
Cleveland Walker Kayak Bass Fishing Southeast Georgia

Plan on getting wet when fishing from a kayak. Even if you don’t tip over, you will get wet from water dripping from your paddle. In cooler weather, you can wear waders to keep you dry. Be mindful of the material it is made of.

Kayak Boating Laws

Boating laws require you to have a life jacket and should wear it at all times. Get one with straps at the top rather than bulky floats to allow freedom of movement while paddling. But be sure to get one that is comfortable to wear all day.

You will need one white running light, and battery-powered ones are available. A noise maker like a whistle is also required.

Now that you are rigged and ready, where do you go fishing? You can catch any kind of fish in Georgia so take your pick. From small ponds to creeks and rivers and even big reservoirs, kayaks give you access to all kinds of fish.

Places to Kayak Bass Fish

Some of my favorite places are the Ogeechee River, Canoochee River, and Georgia Public Fishing Areas. All are good bass fishing waters and have several boat ramps to launch from. I will be happy to get you into a kayak bass fishing and take you fishing.

Fort Stewart Pond 28
Fort Stewart Pond 28

Check out kayak bass fishing. It is a fun, inexpensive way to catch bass on the water.