L Scott Stell Community Park

In reality, if you have never traveled off the main roads in Chatham County, Georgia now is the time to adventure onto the back roads. You will find a cool little place called L Scott Stell Community Park.

L Scott Stell Community Park

First of all, you need to travel down a little country road called Bush Road, which is located on Georgia Highway 204. You will travel down this two-lane road for about two miles before coming to the park entrance located on the left-hand side of the road.

Shortly after entering the park entrance, you will adventure to the left toward the boat ramp area. You will find an easy and accessible area to put in your kayak to access the pond.

Immediately after I launched my kayak, I went to a shallow flats area located on the north side of the pond. Instantly, I noticed a small male bass guarding a bed. I prepared my Strike King green pumpkin seed finesse jig with a Zman TRD HogZ trailer also in a green pumpkin seed color.

Strike King Finesse Jig with Zman TRD HogZ

As soon as, I threw the jig next to the bed and dragged it one time, immediately fish on. I reeled him in, and he measured a total of 12 inches.

Measuring the bass

When you are fishing from a kayak, one important thing to have is a measuring device. There are many out there, but my choice is made by Ketch. Their boards are made in the USA and of metal that can not be broken.

Quickly, I was back to locating another fish. Paddling to the edge of the flat and without delay, I had a second fish on. I told myself I think I have found a pattern today on the bass.

The bass from L Scott Stell Community Park
The bass from L Scott Stell Community Park

Quickly measuring and releasing the bass back and back to paddling to the next spot, to repeat the same as before.

Generally speaking, to realize something about kayak bass fishing, you sure do not need to get in a hurry and simply slow down and relax and fish slowly.

Found a grass line on the next spot and slowly fished the area. For the most part, I would throw the jig to the grass line and slowly retrieve it back to me. The last cast to the grass line was a bummer. I hooked into a giant and in an instant, she comes up and shakes the jig free.

Talking to myself not to get down and keep grinding and I did. Finding some lily pads in a corner of the pond where the wind was blowing into, I threw my jig up into the lily pads and when I went to skip it along the bottom, I noticed the line was running off.

L Scott Stell Community Park Kayak Bass
L Scott Stell Community Park Kayak Bass

Reeling down and setting the hook and it was a fight of a lifetime in the kayak. I knew this would be a good fish because it starting to pull my kayak toward the depths of the pond.

                Hooking into the biggest fish, I have ever caught in the kayak. I continued to fight the fish and it finally came to the surface. I grabbed the fish and yelled IKE! Ultimately, the fish measured 18.50 inches.

                I knew I would be hooked fishing out of a kayak after landing this good bass. I pressed on to the next area toward the boat ramp and threw the jig one more time. Surprisingly, I had another hookup and this time it was a 16-inch bass.

L Scott Stell Community Park Bass
L Scott Stell Community Park Bass

                In closing, I would have to say this little community park pond holds good bass for the recreational fisherman.

L Scott Video

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