Kayak Bass Fishing in Ebenezer Creek, Georgia

Ebenezer Creek is one of my favorite places to kayak bass fish here in southeast Georgia.  Ebenezer Creek flows through Effingham County and connects to the Savannah River at what is called the Ebenezer Historic Site.  It was a great day of kayak bass fishing in Ebenezer Creek, Georgia.

The creek is beautifully lined with cypress and Tupelo trees.  It is a very popular creek for kayak bass fishing due to its slow-moving water and multiple access points.

Ebenezer Creek Access Points

There are two access points for you to unload your kayak at Ebenezer Creek.  One being the Long Bridge Road Boat Ramp and the other,  Tommy Long Landing.  Both of these boat ramps are overseen by Effingham County.  Both also have restrooms available.

Tommy Long Landing

My preferred access point to launch my kayak is the Tommy Long Landing.  Even though you access it from a dirt road, it has a great deal of parking spaces and it’s easy to unload my kayak.  However, they do run kayak tours using this landing so keep that in mind. There is no kayak business at the landing. 

Long Bridge Road Landing

The second access point, Long Bridge Road, has minimal parking spaces, unlike Tommy Long Landing.  You can actually float from this landing to the Tommy Long Landing and travel with the current.

You can access both by traveling on Georgia Highway 275 locally known as Ebenezer Road.  

My Bass Catch on Ebenezer Creek 

I decided once I launched my kayak to travel up the creek.  After a few minutes, I noticed three three cypress trees dead center of the creek.

I love fishing current breaks around these trees as they house huge and aggressive bass. Casting my Pink Death Dealer Bait Trick Worm into the current, I let it float and sink past the trees. 

I reeled in the slack and felt the tension on the other end of the line. After I set the hook the fight was on. I just love how these creek bass pull. After about 2 minutes of fighting the creek current and the fish, I was able to put my hands on this beautiful black largemouth bass. 

Using the KETCH board it measured at a whopping 16.75 inches. After snapping a few pictures and videos, I released the bass back into the dark depths of Ebenezer Creek.

Measuring bass on Ketch Board.

Catching a Huge Mudfish

After the largemouth bass catch, I decided to drift back down the creek.  I noticed a small cut through where the creek divided.  Steering my kayak into the “dead-end cut”, I pitched the same worm I used to catch the largemouth bass.  The water’s current took it under some weeping willow trees. 

As the worm drifted under the trees, I saw the line twitch and start moving back upstream. I reared back setting the hook and realized I hooked a big one!

My mind was whirling, I just knew I had another largemouth bass!  As the fish came up from the dark waters of Ebenezer Creek, I could see it was an enormous Bowfin, known as a mudfish around these parts. Just like while fishing the Canoochee River!

These fish are one of the best-fighting freshwater fish in southeast Georgia. I fought it for a couple of minutes until it broke my 13 Fishing Rod literally in half! 

The mudfish was a whopping 24.50 inches long.  Yes, it was very exciting to catch the monster, but off to the dark depths I sent him for another angler to catch.

The Georgia State Mudfish Record

The Georgia state record is 16 lb 3 oz caught out of the Suwanee River back in 2014.  You gotta see this one!  

While trying to decide where to go next in the creek, the recreational boat traffic was getting pretty heavy.  I decided to call it a day and head back to the landing and load up.

The Best Times To Kayak Bass Fish Ebenezer Creek

Kayak Bass Fishing on Ebenezer Creek can get very busy with recreational boats on the weekend.  It’s best to fish this creek during the week and in the early morning hours.  There are many times when you just about have the creek to yourself during the week.

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