Kayak Bass Fishing Gear Storage

I don’t know about ya’ll, but I like all my kayak bass fishing gear in one place.  Making sure that everything is organized and easily accessible is a top priority for me.  It saves tons of time if you have everything in one neat and organized place. Let’s take a look at my kayak bass fishing gear storage.

Not having everything you need before arriving at your fishing destination can make for a bad day on the water.  I learned the hard way.  

When I first started kayak bass fishing, I would just throw everything that I needed in my truck.  I had no organization whatsoever.

One day, I loaded up and headed about an hour away from the house, just to realize that I did not have my PDF.  That is when I decided it was time to have all of my kayak bass fishing essentials in one place. 

The Contico Trunk Storage Locker

I had a Contico Trunk Storage Locker that I used to store my hunting gear.  It was perfect for storing all of my gear during the off-season.  It kept all of my camouflage dry and ready to use.

So, I figured The Contico Trunk Storage Locker would be the right size to organize my essential kayak bass fishing gear that I need for fishing trips.  Plus makes it easy to transport.  

The storage locker has a lid that securely snaps in place using metal latches.  If you use an ordinary plastic bin, you will have to worry about the top snapping on and off every time you pick it up for transport.  You can also use a padlock for extra security if needed.

Don’t worry about the metal latches they are rust-resistant.  So if you happen to get it wet, no worries.   

Storing your gear in a trunk locker also makes it easy to switch out your extra fishing tackle based on the season.  

I keep all of my seasonal fishing tackle in Plano boxes.  For example, if I am fishing in the summer, I can easily grab the Plano box that contains summer lures and tackle and toss it in my storage trunk.  

Never Leave A Kayak Bass Fishing Essential At Home Again

With this storage system, you never have to worry about leaving something at home that you will need.   All of your kayak bass fishing gear will be in one handy place.

Here are some of the essentials I include in my storage locker.

What I Store In My Contico Trunk Storage Locker 

1. Extra tackle containers that contain all of my spinner and buzz baits.

2. Bump Board

3. Fish Finder

4. PFD

5. Fishing Gloves

6. Small Plano Tackle Bag with various plastic worms.  Note: I call this my “River Bag.”

Remember, keeping your gear well-organized and protected is crucial for a successful kayak fishing trip. With these tips, you can store your gear safely and easily until your next adventure.

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