Kayak Bass Fishing In The Canoochee River

Have you wanted to kayak bass fish in a local river? Well, here is your chance to paddle and fish in a beautiful river located here in Southeast Georgia. The Canoochee River can take you on a 108-mile trip from Emanuel to Chatham County.  Kayak bass fishing in the Canoochee River has its challenges, but sometimes it’s worth it!

Canoochee River
Canoochee River

The Canoochee River starts near Swainsboro, Emanuel County, Georgia, and travels through Evans, Bryan, Liberty, and Chatham before dumping into the Ogeechee River just west of Kings Ferry. 

The Canoochee River gives any type of angler many different species of fish to catch. It is known mainly for the redbreast bream species; this species of bream are very distinctive with the bright red breast they sport. But do not forget about the largemouth bass that this river can produce. 

Most months of the year, you can kayak bass fish the Canoochee River because the water does not flow very fast, and it is easy to paddle against and with the current. 

If you ever visit the Canoochee River, here are some public accessible landings from which you can launch your kayak.

Kayak Bass Fishing Canoochee River
Kayak Bass Fishing Canoochee River

Groveland Landing

Groveland Landing is located just off US Highway 280 at Bryan and Evans County Lines. The landing has a paved parking lot and a good kayak launch to access the river. 

US Highway 301 Landing

This landing is located on US Highway 301 north of the CIty of Claxton, Georgia. It also features a good parking area and kayak launch area as well. One bad thing is the “Stinky” smell from Claxton Poultry (LOL). 

Highway 169 Landing

Traveling out Highway 129, or what the country folk calls the Claxton-Metter Highway, you will make a right onto Highway 169. Pulling off the roadside, a small dirt road leads to the river. You will have to laugh from the side of the river. One good thing is the river is not hard to access here. 

Fort Stewart Landings

Traveling south on the river, you will hit Fort Stewart. One good reminder is that you must have an Isportmans Pass to gain access to any landings located within the area. Please check the area map to ensure the river is open for that area before going. 

Catching My Big Canoochee River Bass

I live less than ten miles from Groveland Landing, so I loaded up the Nucanoe Frontier 12 and headed out. I launched my kayak and paddled up the river for a few miles. Looking over at a blown-down tree and seeing the currents swirl around the root system, I knew one had to be there. 

I took my texas rig Zoom Ol’Monster Junebug colored worm and cast it over there in the spot. As soon as it hit the water, the fight was on. I thought I had hung a considerable mudfish (BOWFIN). It swam toward the kayak, and I finally saw it was a big river bass. I let it wear itself out, and the bass eventually floated up. I used my dipnet to make it a successful catch. 

Big Canoochee River Bass
Big Canoochee River Bass

Getting the bass into the kayak, I went nuts over landing this river monster. It was my biggest river bass ever in my life. Using my KETCH Board, I measured the fish at 23 inches. After a few pictures and more hoops and hollers, I released the beast back into the dark depths of the Canoochee River so another angler could enjoy catching it again.

23-inch Kayak Bass Fishing Canoochee River
23-inch Kayak Bass Fishing Canoochee River

I also submitted this fish to the State of Georgia Wildlife Fish and Game for an anglers award. 

You can watch the catch on my YouTube Channel as well. Make sure you subscribe and follow us on Instagram too. 

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Kayak Bass Fishing Canoochee River