Joe Tribble Park

Savannah, Georgia

Continuing my quest to find bass fishing ponds in Savannah landed me at Joe Tribble Park.

This community park in just off Largo Drive inside the City of Savannah, Georgia.

When you arrive in the park you will find a small parking lot you can unloaded you kayak in.

The total park is encompassed with 51 acres including in this is a 11 acre lake.

Aerial View of Joe Tribble Park

A few of us kayak bass fisherman decided to meet up on a Saturday and fish this little lake.

As we unloaded our kayaks and began getting all out gear set up, we told ourselves that is was a great day to be on the water.  

After getting everything into the kayaks, we carried them down the concrete path to the edge of lake and began our adventure.

This was the first time, I had ever fished this place.

Joe Tribble Lake, Savannah, Georgia

Finesse Fishing Joe Tribble Park

Fishing a new place was going to be a challenge.

Grabbing a finesse jig in green pumpkin with a dark green crawfish trailer attached.

Above all, this lake had a small island in the middle.

Given that I would start by pitching the jig around the low hanging limbs and brush piles.

Fountain at Joe Tribble Lake

Continuing to fish the edge of the island for about 200 yards and not even get a bite.

Paddling across the lake, I saw some water trickling from a pipe and made a cast with a ZMan Craw on a Ned Rig.

Soon has it hit the water, a small largemouth bass hits the craw!

Reeling the small bass in, I was like oh my gosh, the bait is bigger than the fish.

The question currently, was the bass going to be hard to catch in this lake or not.

Deciding to finesse fish, I was going to stick with it and slow my fishing down to a crawl.

Big Fish of the Day

As I was making my way to a point on the backside of the island, I switched over to a green pumpkin red flake ZMan Stick Worm.

As I casted the worm against the tree line, I immediately saw the line moving.

Immediately reeling down and setting the hook, finally another bass and the fight was on.

Finally I was able to land a measurable fish.

15.25 inch bass
15.25 inch Largemouth Bass

Measuring in at 15.25 inches it was submittable to Tourney X for my monthly online tournament.

After photographing the fish and released it back in to the lake.

It was evident that the bass wanted a slow presentation.

Continuing to fish the island area with no other bites made the decision to go back to the area where I caught the first small one.

Grabbing the Ned Rig setup with a mushroom head hook and a small green pumpkin Zman ZInker Z in California Craw.

Bumping it along the bottom, I felt a small tick feeling and saw the line tighten.

I began to reel down like always, I set the hook and it was fish on.

Well, I have to say it was just an .75 inches short form being a measurable fish.

11.25 inch bass
11.25 inch Largemouth Bass

Heading back to shore and I found this little lake to be very enjoyable.

It would added to my list to come back in the spring to fish.

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