Hugh Gillis PFA Tournament

On April 17, 2021, SEGKBF fished their second kayak bass tournament of the season at Hugh Gillis PFA. 

Hugh Gillis PFA

Hugh Gillis PFA is located in Middle Georgia just outside the town of East Dublin. Nestled in the back country off a red dirt road it is known as a great bass fishery. The main lake is 109 acres with a smaller pond behind it.

Hugh Gillis PFA Tournament

As everyone was showing up at the ramp to launch the skies were cloudy with light rain. All the anglers were wondering how the day was going to pan out. 

We had a total of 15 anglers hitting the water full blast to their spots in search of the big ones that Hugh Gillis PFA is known for.

Start of Tournament

As the sun was coming up and a light wind blowing it was going to be a beautiful day to fish. The morning went on as anglers began catching a few fish and getting them submitted to Tourney X Leaderboard. 

It was a battle of two anglers for the first couple hours of fishing. A.J. Balbo and Adam Fournier. The day went on with a few more anglers Robert Ried, A.J. Babo Jr. and Barry Brown putting fish on the board as well.  

After the sun came to crest over the lake the fishing began getting tougher and tougher . Some anglers moved to deeper water, some kept to fishing points while others kept beating the shallower waters. 

Catching Bass

I moved into a cove off the main and found some old Christmas trees partly submerged. Looking at those trees I  knew a fish had to be holding on to them. Casting a Z-Man Diezel MinnowZ in a shad color into the trees the line started to ease off to deep water. I set the hook and it was fish on. After a few seconds of fighting the fish, I was able to land the 14-inch bass.

Hugh Gillis PFA Tournament 14.00 Incher

After fishing there for another hour , I moved out of the cove back into the main lake. Taking a break I checked the leaderboard and A.J. and Adam were still neck and neck battling it for the top spot. 

The temperature began heating up and the clear skies really had the fish messed up. The day began to wind down and anglers starting to come in for the final standings it was not even close 

The final results were in the books for the second tournament of the season. Here is the final standing for Hugh Gillis PFA Tournament. You can read about our first tournament here.

Top 3 Anglers for Hugh Gillis PFA Tournament(left to right: Barry Brown, A.J. Balbo, and Adam Fournier)

First Place with 70.00 inches was Adam Fournier

Second Place with 41.25 inches was A.J. Balbo 

Third Place with 24.75 inches was Barry Brown 

Hugh Gillis PFA Tournament Big Bass-15.50 inches

Big bass honors also went to Adam Fournier with 15.50 inches.