How to Fish Trick Worms

Whether you’re an experienced kayak angler or a novice trying to get deeper into kayak bass fishing, there are ways to learn to trick the bass you are after. Keep reading on how to fish trick worms efficiently.

A floating worm technique is a fun and productive way to catch bass. Trick worms and the way you can use them are the things we cover in today’s post.

Trick Worm
Trick Worm

What is a Trick Worm

Trick worms are soft plastic worms that are made slender and slick to ensure you enjoy a good catch even when the weather conditions are less fishing-friendly and the fish you’re after are lazy. Since they come in various natural colors, they can work wonders in many fishing environments. You can also find them in brighter colors like yellow, pink, and white.

Many manufactures offer a great variety of trick worms most of them are 6-7 inches long. You will find trick worms that are salt-impregnated and straight-tailed segmented. The best picks are whites and black for darker water.

Kayak Anglers using trick worms on a Carolina or Texas rig have experienced great results. They are great to use during the post-spawn when bass are lazy and do not have the energy to move quickly for bait.

Zman Floating Trick Worm
Zman Floating Trick Worm

Trick Worm Rigging

One of the most common ways to get your catch is to rig a trick worm with no weight and thus use it almost like a floating topwater lure. There are some things you need to do in order to make sure this method goes smoothly.

In order to prevent your line from twisting, it is best to place a barrel swivel above the fishing hook with about a two-foot leader line. You can also tie a 2/0 offset hook to your fishing line. A sharp offset hook is preferred, though.

While some fishermen prefer a visible fishing line with trick worms, there are anglers who go for something less visible, even if that means strikes are more difficult to detect. It all depends on your personal likes, the level of your experience, and your eyesight. If you want to enjoy a solid hookup, then you should go for a heavier line. You can use the rig with casting or spinning tackles.

Weightless Trick Worm
Weightless Trick Worm

Texas Rig Method

There are various rigging methods you can go for yet one of the most popular ones among anglers is the Texas rig. The soft-plastic worms catch bass in a great variety of conditions. No matter if you’re into getting a bunch or just one, the Texas rig will make sure you’re effective.

Getting your trick worm ready for the big catch using the Texas rig method involves simple steps. Once you’ve chosen your hook and the soft-plastic worm you are going to use, make sure you insert the point of the hook into the tip of the worm and bring it out the bottom of the lure about ¼ inch from the tip of the worm.

Then simply pull the hook through the tip of the trick worm until its eye rests inside the tip. Once you’ve done that, twist the hook so that its point faces back towards the plastic and insert it in a point at the other end of the bait. It is highly important to have the worm straight after rigging in order to keep the line from twisting.

The trick work is correctly rigged if the hook’s barb is inside the plastic and both its barb and point are covered by the bait in order to avoid hangups. The point of the hook should not come out the opposite side of the worm, though.

Texas Rig Trick Worm
Texas Rig Trick Worm

Carolina Rig vs. Texas Rig

Different targets and weather conditions call for different rigging methods. There are various ways how to fish trick worms depending mainly on the cover. The Texas rig is a great choice when fishing in heavy cover.

The Carolina rig is better when you need to make a longer cast and thus cover more water as it includes a heavier weight which keeps the trick worm closer to the bottom ensuring a more natural look and movement. If you’re out there for bass, the Carolina rig is a better choice as such fish roam in open water when the weather gets windy and cloudy.

Carolina Rig Swivel and Rig
Carolina RIg Swivel and Weight For Trick Worm Fishing

Texas-rigged trick worms are ideal for catching bass when the bass moves on the spawning nest or right after the spawn when it guards its fry. Pitching the Texas-rig soft plastic worm into the bass nest and moving it in front of the bedding fish will surely trigger a strike. You can use this rigging method even in the post-spawn season.

Lightweight sinkers can be matched with the Texas rigs, which are ideal for fishing in shallow waters. Carolina rigs can be matched with heavier weights without reducing the trick worm action. This makes them perfect for fishing deep water bass.

How to Fish for Bass with a Trick Worm

If you want to know how to fish trick worms to lure bass, there are some steps you need to consider. The things you need include a seven-foot rod and 6 to 1 gear ratio baitcasting reel, 5/0 offset fishing hooks, fishing line, and of course the trick worms.

Choose a line that is at least a 20-pound Yo-Zuri Fluorocarbon line and tie the offset hook to it using a knot of your choice. Wet the knot slightly and then pull it tight.

Use the Texas rig to place the worm on the hook. The top of the trick worm should be placed next to the point of the hook. Then you push down through the top and center of the trick worm for ½ inches. Remember that the worm should be straight after rigging.

Yo-Zuri Fishing LIne
Yo-Zuri Fishing Line

Retrieving the Trick Worm

There are many ways on how to fish a trick worm. Again, it depends on what you want from your time on the water. The trick worm may be fished in various ways but the twitching method is recommended.

When you reach the retrieving stage, make sure you begin by raising the tip of your rod to create that bouncing motion. Reel the trick worm a couple of feet and then let it settle again. Repeat this step until you’ve retrieved the worm completely.

If the bass comes up to hit the worm, you will be able to see it. The trick worm might disappear as the bass sucks it in. That is the reason why many anglers go for bright color trick worms. When using the worm in clear shallow waters, you will be able to see when the fish hit it. If the trick worm sinks and thus gets out of your sight, you can only know when you’ve caught something if the line jumps.

The best thing to do is to get out fishing and try the methods that best work for you and your fishing style. You can find us on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube.