Apache Case 4800

Protect Your Camera Equipment

First, do you have expensive camera equipment to protect? Let us say you do, and you are finding a way to protect and transport it without it being damaged. In fact here is the solution for that Apache Case 4800.

Apache Case 4800

Browsing the good old internet, like we do every day, something popped in my Facebook News Feed. Looking at the advertisement, it was from Harbor Freight. Many of us have heard of them for cheap tools and other gadgets.

Clicking into the ad, one thing popped in mind, needed a way to safely store and transport my video cameras. Scrolling through the site, something popped up an Apache Hard Case.

The second thing someone always does is check the reviews on the product. Then scrolling down there were over 200 reviews. Definitely, it was enough to make my decision on purchasing the case.

Not knowing much about the company or the product, YouTube was my next option to check out some reviews and other people’s opinions. Watching the YouTube Videos immediately made my mind up about purchasing the case.

Purchasing the Case the Apache case 4800

Next, was to find the closest Harbor Freight Store to my hometown. You can always depend on Google to make that decision for you. The closet was in Rincon, Georgia.

Once at the store it was overwhelming what colors and sizes these cases came in. Standing in front of the display was a hard choice. After a few minutes and my wife waiting in the truck, the black case was the choice. The price was just around $75.00 for the big case.  

When arriving back at the house after a lunch date with Christina, it was time to get all the equipment into the case.

Immediately opening the Apache Case 4800, it had two compartments with foam.

TOP COMPARTMENT Apache Case 4800
TOP COMPARTMENT Apache Case 4800

With this in mind, it was time to lay out the equipment so the foam could be pulled out in the shape of each piece.


Pulling each piece of foam and creating the compartments each piece was secured.

In closing, this case overall is the best purchase ever for camera equipment.

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