GO PRO Hero 7

Decision of What Action Camera

Have you been deciding on what action camera to purchase for your bass fishing excursions? Buy the GO PRO Hero 7

First thing I did was purchase a cheap one and was that a big mistake. Buying cheap is not always the best option.

The first camera I purchased was a off brand action camera purchased from Amazon.

It was over all good little camera but the battery life was horrible and audio was a little mumbled at times.

After taking it on a few trips I knew from looking back at the video , it was going to be a upgrade time.

Beginning to do research as always, the first place was to look was Amazon.

Purchasing the GO PRO Hero 7

Immediately after opening up the Amazon Tab , I began typing GO PRO Hero 7.

Looking at the different models I chose the Go Pro Hero 7.

Looking at the GO PRO Hero 7 came with a 32 gigabit SD Card as well.

After adding the camera to the cart I began searching for several more accessories. I found a bundle that was in my price range.

After everything was purchased I had spent a little over $300.00 in the camera and accessories.

Just take note from me, GO PRO Hero 7 has been around for a long time and they have the action camera industry down to a science.

Do not buy CHEAP! Buying a little more expensive some with save you money and time in the long run.

Putting It To Use

After receiving the camera and accessories in mail I was excited like it was Christmas.

Having a two days off work I definingly was going for bass fishing trip.

Loading and then driving to a private pond I have access to near Savannah, GA, I strapped on the camera, and off in the kayak I paddled.

Click on the video below to see the camera in action.

GO PRO Hero 7 in action

After recording videos that day , I came back home and downloaded them for review.

I was amazed how well the video quality and audio was as well as the field of view.

In closing, I would like to say that I made a great choice in this action camera.

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