Georgia Angler Award Program

This past year I had the opportunity to participate in the Georgia Angler Award Program.

Georgia Wildlife and Fish Division operate this program. I submitted a Largemouth Bass that I caught in an oxbow lake off the Ogeechee River in Chatham County, Georgia.

I caught the bass on a ZOOM Ol Monster Worm in Junebug Color. It measured in length on my KETCH Board at 25.25 inches. Using my RUNCL Portable Scale, I weighed the fish at 8.48 pounds.

25.25-inch Largemouth Bass
25.25-inch Largemouth Bass

The Georgia Angler Award Program – Check Out All The Categories!

You can click the link below and see all the angler awards presented to anglers across Georgia for their great catches.

View a list of 2022 Angler Award winners

In the following few paragraphs, you will find out the program works according to the Georgia Department of Wildlife Website.

The Georgia Angler Award Program recognizes anglers in Georgia who catch exceptional fish in Georgia waters. It helps DNR to collect information on the genetics, age, growth, and habitats of big fish to help manage our fisheries to their most significant potential.

All categories require the submission of an application and photos.

Angler Awards

Adults and youth can be rewarded for catching quality-size fish that meet or beat a specific weight or length. Qualifying anglers will receive a certificate, a hat, and a t-shirt.

Angler Award Certificate
Angler Award Certificate

Two Categories

The State of Georgia has broken the Georgia Angler Award Program into two categories. An adult division and a youth division. In my opinion, this is the greatest thing ever.

The adult category recognizes anglers aged 16 and up who catch quality-size fish.

The youth category recognizes young anglers aged 15 and under who catch quality size fish.

Trophy Bass Awards

The Trophy Bass Category will provide data on the heaviest largemouth bass caught in Georgia each year. These rare fish and their genetics and growth information are valuable to fisheries managers.

Categories and incentives for the Trophy Bass category include a certificate, hat, t-shirt, entry into a prize drawing at the end of the year, two passes to the Go Fish Education Center, and a photo used as part of WRD’s Social Media program such as Blog, Twitter, Instagram or Facebook.

Georgia DNR
Georgia DNR

Anglers catching a bass weighing 13 pounds or more are eligible for a replica mount of the fish as long as all requirements are met.

This year, I aim to complete another Georgia Program called the Georgia Bass Slam. Make sure you subscribe to my YouTube Channel to follow my quest to achieve this slam.

Another surprise came along with the Angler Award as well. I was selected as the grand prize winner. Melissa, one of the staff members from Georgia, delivered my grand-prize packet right to my front doorstep.

Here is the picture of the grand-prize packet.

Angler Award Grand Prize Packet
Angler Award Grand Prize Packet
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