Fort Stewart Pond 28

If you have never thought about kayak bass fishing on a military base, you need to try it. Living in a small Georgia town next to Fort Stewart is quite an experience. Day in and day out you hear the sound of freedom booming away. Nestled inside the impact area is Fort Stewart Pond 28. Get your account here.

Description of Dogwood

First, Pond 28 is also known as Dogwood. Constructed in 1983 it is one of many ponds that are highly managed. Dogwood is 34 acres ranging from two feet to fifteen feet in depth. Dogwood is located inside the B-8 area and includes two concrete boat ramps. There is a north and south side ramp on the pond. Pond 28 is a black water fishery with visibility about 15 inches into the water.

Fort Stewart Pond 28

Topwater Frog Bite on Pond 28

Standing at the boat ramp getting ready to launch all I could hear was bullfrogs croaking. If you know me and how I bass fish, I am a finesse type of guy. Something told me to tie on a topwater frog. I reached inside my Plano Edge 3600 box and retrieved a black body frog.

William Sehr with a Pond 28 frog fish

Paddling out to past the boat ramp, I cast to the edge grass. With just three pops of the frog, a fish broiled on it. Counting to four before setting the hook, I saw the line running. Rearing back on the Berkley Lightning Rod the fish was on. Obviously, it was the black bass I was hoping for. Reeling and reeling I was able to get the fish in my hands.

Ketch Board Catch Photo Release

Wacky Rig

Like the morning went on the frog bite began to cease. Switching over to a wacky rig, I began to fish it slow. Approaching the spillway area, I threw it over near a grass bed and the line started going to deeper water. Slightly reeling and setting the hook, it was on again. Using light line and a Lews Mach Spinning Reel it was a good fight. Once again the wacky rig gets another fish on the board for me. I did manage one more fish on the wacky rig.

Wacky Rig Bass from Pond 28

Drop Shot Rig

Finishing up the morning and heading to the ramp to load up, I decided to try something. Grabbing the drop shot rig with a Zman finesse shad, I threw next to the grass line. Just shaking a little bit, I felt a little tick. I reeled down and the line started pulling back. I have hooked up again with a bass. After Catch, Photo, and Release on that one, I was back at it. I threw one more time and caught one more little bass to end the day.

Having never fished Pond 28 , I would have to say it was a blast. Definitely there will be many more trips to the military base for bass fishing trips.

Alligator Pond 28