DIY Kayak Tackle Storage 

When it comes to storage on a kayak, you have to be creative and think outside the box.  By adding your rods and safety gear, you have limited space to place other essential kayak bass fishing items like your tackle.  

Tackle must be easily accessible in your kayak.  After storing mine in a crate, I have a better solution. Not only is this solution budget-friendly, but it’s a super easy DIY project. And, it will safely store your tackle and keep it easily accessible.

And, it attaches easily to the tracking in your kayak, so no additional ad-ons are necessary.

Ammo Cans

While organizing my ammo, I had a thought. Can these ammo cans be used for storing tackle?  They were plastic and had a lid that could be secured. I walked out to my kayak and placed the ammo can on my kayak track. It would fit perfectly.

These ammo cans are easy to find at your local Wal-Mart or even your local home improvement stores.

I grabbed one and headed over to the sporting goods section. I placed a Plano 3500 plastic tackle box inside the ammo box.   

Three of these boxes fit perfectly inside the ammo can. I went back and grabbed two more ammo cans for my DIY kayak tackle storage project.  Three ammo cans would fit perfectly to my kayak tracking.

Attaching the Box to Your Kayak Track

Step One:  Drill a single hole in the center bottom of the ammo can.  

Step Two:  After drilling the hole, add your T-bolt to the ammo box by placing the screw part upward through the hole. The T part should be on the bottom of the ammo box.

Step Three:  Slide the T-bolt into your kayak track wherever you would like your ammo can positioned.  Then, add your nut and tighten it.  

Step Four:  After you get it secured, add your Plano boxes and make sure the lid of the ammo can will close and lock.

Tip:  Make sure you label your Plano box with the name of the tackle you are using the box to store and make sure the label is upright and easy to read.

Easy as that.

How I Organized My Tackle 

My first box would contain all my crankbaits, jerk baits, and lipless crankbaits. I positioned this box on the left side track in front of my seat. 

I positioned the second box on the right side track in front of my seat. This box will contain baits like underspins, scrounger heads, and swimbait jig heads. 

I will be adding four more of these boxes behind my seat to store terminal tackle and a few bags of plastics. 

Eliminating Tackle Trays

After doing this DIY Kayak Tackle Storage, I eliminated several of my larger tackle trays from my crate. Adding these boxes to your kayak track will secure your tackle and keep you from losing them if your kayak overturns.

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Fish on!