DIY Kayak Paddle Extender

Decision to Extend Kayak Paddle

Have you ever decided that you need a new kayak paddle because yours is not long enough? Well here is the solution if your paddle comes apart a DIY Kayak Paddle Extender. Most kayak paddles are around 230 centimeters because most people have sit-in kayaks. Well if you are a bass fisherman like me and you have a sit-on-top kayak you will need a paddle that is at least 250 centimeters in length.

I made the decision to do a DIY project instead of buying a $200.00 paddle. So in my mind, I began to think of ways to extend my current paddle. Looking at the little piece of extension that was currently in the paddle, I told myself I have the solution. A piece of 3/4 inch PVC piping and some decorative paracord.

3/4″ PVC Pipe
Purchasing Material

Christina and I went to Pooler to grab a famous Chic-Fil-A Sandwich for lunch and pulled over into the Home Depot to eat. Since we were there in the parking lot of Home Depot, I needed to purchase a few pieces of material for a DIY Kayak Paddle Extender.


Entering at the front door of Home Depot I was greeted by an older gentleman. Showing him the piece of extender I currently had, he took me to the PVC Aisle of the store. He handed me a two-foot piece of thick PVC pipe and said this should work for you. Thanking him for his excellent customer service, he gave a smile. I smiled back at him and told him thanks for helping me.

Checking out with the piece of PVC pipe that only cost $3.00 was a deal, with everything in the world going up on cost.

Paracord finished wrap
Paracord finished wrap
Dry fitting

Before wrapping the pipe with paracord, you always want to dry-fit it. Insert the PVC pipe into the handles of each end before marking it for the paracord. After it was in the correct position mark it with a Sharpie Pen. After marking the pipe, I kept it inserted and wrapped the paracord around it.

DIY Kayak Paddle Extender PVC Pipe
DIY Kayak Paddle Extender PVC Pipe
Finished Product

After finishing the dry fit of the paracord, cut the cord to length. Using a high-temperature glue gun, I dropped a few drops on the end to hold it as well. After making this DIY mode to my paddle, the total length went to 8 feet from tip to tip. This mode will allow me to be more comfortable in paddling my Nucanoe Frontier 12.

DIY kayak Paddle Extender Paddle Completed
DIY Kayak Paddle Extender Completed

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