DIY Kayak Battery Box

With kayak bass fishing becoming a worldwide phenomenon, bass fishermen always want the upper hand. Kayak anglers are adding electronics such as fish finders, live scopes, lights, and cameras. With very little room on a kayak, I decided to build myself a DIY Kayak Battery Box. 

You will need several things to build yourself one of these simple boxes. I started by choosing a small waterproof hard case. I went to my local Harbor Freight. They had the perfect size Apache Case that would fit perfectly in my Nucanoe Frontier 12 front hatch. 

DIY Kayak Battery Box Chose

The Apache Case 1800 is the exact size for this project. Apache 1800 is a weatherproof storage case. Constructed from highly durable polypropylene, this professional quality hard case takes a beating while protecting the contents from impact, moisture, and microscopic dust. The built-in purge valve equalizes pressure so you can open the case after changing elevations. This will cost you $15.00 

DIY Kayak Battery Box Apache 1800
DIY Kayak Battery Box Apache 1800

Power Cord

Secondly, I needed an SAE plug attached to my power supply housing unit inside my kayak hull. Heading over to Amazon, I found the SAE plug I needed. To connect this with the battery inside the case, I had to drill a ¼-inch hole on the side of the case to thread the wires through.  

Sae Plugs
SAE Plugs

After running the ends of the SAE Plug through the end of the case, I had to attach two spade insulated wire electrical connectors to the positive and negative lines of the SAE Plug. After crimping the connectors, I used heat shrink tubing to make it waterproof on each connection. 

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Lastly, I had to get myself a 12 volt 12 Amp battery to power my Hummingbird Helix 7. I chose Weize 12 Volt 12AH SLA Rechargeable Battery. These come in a two-pack off of Amazon.

Kayak Battery
Kayak Battery

Now it was time to measure the foam inside the case and pick it out for the battery. After picking the foam and fitting the battery inside the case, the DIY Kayak Battery Box was complete. 

Total Cost For DIY Kayak Battery Box

Here is the list of the items I used, along with the pricing of each

  • Apache Case 1800 – $14.99  
  • SAE Plug – $11.89
  • Heat Shrink -$13.99
  • Batteries- $52.99

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