Bass Fishing Introduction


The Largemouth Bass is a southerners dream fish. We at SEGKBF decided to start with Bass Fishing 101.

It is probably the most sought out species in the fresh waters of the U.S. 

Bass Fishing 101 Lake

The largemouth bass can be found mostly in lakes, rivers and farm ponds. It is a predator fish that loves to ambush its prey.

Obviously, the pleasures of catching largemouth bass are derived from enticing and working a series of different types of lures and techniques. These range from plastic worms, crankbaits, and the list can go on. Luring a bass to accept one of these types of baits is a pleasure in itself.

You can read following how I used a jig to catch bass here.


The most challenging of finding where such bass may be at any given time is the sport in bass fishing 

In order to assist you to become more successful at catching  this predatory bass, you as an angler must study and read about the areas you fish.

We will be discussing more about the behavior of the Largemouth Bass to what we fish with to catch them. 

As we go on in the Bass Fishing 101 Class here at SEGKBF. We will explain the behavior of the bass, how the temperature affects them,the pre spawn,the spawn and post spawn.

Largemouth Bass

Nevertheless, we bass fishermen today are fortunate that our ancestors passed on their legacy to us. In hopes to break the World Record. Largemouth Bass is the most sought out freshwater fish here in the south.

Being an avid kayak bass fisherman, it is my duty to pass on what I have learned from my father, uncles, and grandfather.

It is hoped that a greater success rate in the catching of your trophy largemouth bass will be achieved.

By those who may learn from reading the SEGKBF Bass Fishing 101 Course.

Baker Lake Bass

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