Anker 555 Portable Power Supply

As a kayak bass fishing angler and outdoorsman, you are always looking for ways to get on-the-go power for your action cameras and camping power. I have an excellent solution for your power needs. It is the Anker 555 Portable Power Supply.

Anker 555 Portable Power Station 1024W

Anker contacted me to put the Anker 555 Portable Power Supply through the test here in Southeast Georgia. After receiving the Anker 555 just four days after it was shipped, it was time to unbox this compact power supply. 

What You Get With Your Anker 555

You will first see the user manual and a small white box when you open the box. Inside the white box is your 200W AC Adapter, solar charging cable, car charging cable, and XT60 to DC7909 Connector. Before using the Anker 555, you must charge it fully. 

Anker 555 Portable Power Supply Plugs

Plugs on the Anker 555 Portable Power Supply

The Anker 555 comes with several different power options. Your output options are a car socket, USB, and AC output ports. There are also three ways to recharge your Anker 555. These options are DC power by charging with the AC Adaptor, Solar panels (sold separately), and by a USB-C port.

Plug options on the Anker 555

Anker 555 Portable Power Supply Uses

First, the Anker 555, a portable unit, makes my kayak bass fishing trips much more effortless. Charging all my camera and fish finder batteries on the go is a must. While traveling to the lake, I can plug my action cameras into the USB ports and my fish finder batteries into the AC Output Ports.

Anker 555 Portable Power Supply

After a long day on the lake, I can use my Anker 555 around camp to power led lights, blow up my air mattress, and even power my CPAP machine for peaceful nights of sleep while camping.

Secondly, living here in Southeast Georgia, we are prone to some significant summer storms, including hurricanes. Having the Anker 555 around the house gives my family and me a piece of mind to have portable power for needed accessories, cellphones, small led lights, and, most importantly, a coffee pot for the mornings.

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Lastly, having the Anker 555 at our disposal is the best. Having this portable power supply gives us power anywhere we want it. Southerners love having oysters, and low country boils, and having the Anker 555 gives us the energy to keep all our friends over all night and keep the food warm.

Pros and Cons of Anker 555 Portable Power Supply

Let me start with the pros of the Anker 555. One thing I like about my Anker 555 is that it comes with a built-in light on the front of the unit. This helps inside your off-the-grid cabin or in a tent at night when you do not have a light source.

Front Light on Anker 555

The big LED Screen on the front of the unit is another huge pro for me. It has an excellent viewing screen which shows you how much battery power is left on the unit. It will also enable you to monitor all the accessories you have plugged into the unit.

The power saving button is the last pro I have on the Anker 555. This button allows your unit to shut off automatically after all your devices are fully charged.

The only con I have about the Anker 555 is that there is no dust cover on the plug ports. Traveling down dirt roads to get to those secret fishing and camping spots and keeping your equipment in top working order is a must. I solved that problem by purchasing socket plug covers from Amazon.

Clear Plug Covers

I want to shout out to Jayden from Anker for reaching out and giving SEGKBF this opportunity to put Anker 555 through the test in Southeast Georgia.

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