All About Bass Fishing Spinnerbaits

Spinnerbaits are a type of fishing bait well suited for catching bass. You can use a spinnerbait in various fishing scenarios, but they work best in clear, shallow water less than 10 feet deep. The spinnerbait comprises a metal shaft and 2-3 spinning metal plates. When drawn through the water, the plates spin and catch the sunlight, drawing the attention of bass and other large freshwater fish. This article will give you all the details about bass fishing spinnerbaits.

Choosing the Correct Blade

Fish a Colorado spinner bait if you’ll be in murky or dark water. Colorado spinnerbaits have large, heavy spinners, which produce vibrations that fish can feel for some distance around the bait. These spinners are ideal for fishing in low visibility or deep water.

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Select a willow-leaf spinner bait if you’re fishing over thick vegetation. This bait is excellent for fishing in the heavy underwater brush since the small, slim spinners are less likely to get caught up in the foliage than the heavy blades of a Colorado spinner. They’ll also produce enough flashes and shimmers of light that fish can see through thick vegetation.

Selecting the Right Line

Fish the spinner bait with a light monofilament line. A faint line will allow you to cast the spinner bait far out into the lake where you’re fishing and let you reel the bait back in quickly. If you’re fishing for bass, select a 12- or 14-pound fluorocarbon line.

Adding a Spinner Bait Trailer

Attach a bright, fast-moving lure to draw in fish. You must attach the correct type of lure to the spinner bait. A bright color will catch the fish’s eye and draw them toward the temptation. The appeal should also be relatively lightweight to move through the water quickly as you’re reeling it in. The quick motion will keep the bass chasing after the lure.

Variety of Spinner Baits

Attach a trailer hook to the spinner bait’s hook. Most spinnerbaits already have one relatively short hook built in. To increase the bait’s likelihood of catching bass, attach a free-swinging trailer hook to the center of the primary hook’s curve. The trailer hook will catch any fish that strike at the lure from a considerable distance and wouldn’t be seen by the direct hook.

Finding the Correct Spinner Bait Areas

Fish the spinner bait near a bluff or shoreline. You’re most likely to catch bass near the shore, and the spinner bait works most effectively in this location. Bass spend the majority of their time feeding and resting near the shoreline. A bluff has the added perk of providing shade, which decreases the fish’s ability to tell that the bait isn’t a real fish. So, by casting the spinnerbait in this location, you’re likely to attract the attention of any number of bass.

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Fish the spinner bait in clear water. For a spinner bait to lure in the bass, the fish need to see the appeal from the bottom of the water. The bait will be largely ineffective if the water is dark or murky. Scout a suitable fishing location by trawling around a lake and peering down through the water. If you can see the bottom, you can fish the spinner bait.

Spinner Bait Locations

Select a location with underwater vegetation. Bass often hunt for food and rest in aquatic grass. Spinner baits work well in this environment since they create vibrations and flashes of light in the water, drawing bass out from their hiding places. Trawl around the lake until you find a thick patch of vegetation near the shoreline.

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