Al Bungard Conservation Area

Nestled just outside Savannah, Georgia lies the Al Bungard Conservation Area named after a former Chatham County Engineer Al Bungard. It is part of the Ogeechee River Basin and adjacent to Kings Ferry Recreation Area.

This is one of many freshwater ponds that Chatham County Parks and Recreation operates throughout the Savannah, Georgia Area

This would be an excellent place to kayak bass fish.


As can be seen, when you head south on US Hwy 17 from Savannah, Georgia you will turn right onto Basin Road.

The Lake at Al Bungard Conservation Area

Once you come to end you will immediately turn left and head into the swaying Georgia Pines.

Once laying eyes on this place, immediately knew this was a bass fishing hole.

I slid my kayak out of my truck got all my gear in it and off to the water I went.

Al Bungard Conservation Area
Al Bungard Conservation Area

As I was paddling around the pond, I noticed in the rear of the pond standing Cypress Trees.

Fishing most of my life on the Ogeechee River, I knew bass loved hiding in Cypress Trees.

Fishing the Wacky Rig

As I prepared my wacky rig setup to see if I could catch one of those ambush predators, called a Largemouth Bass.

Instantly, when the wacky rig hit the water and without delay, set the hook and it was fish on.

I continued to fish the Cypress Trees for the next two hours with no more bites.

As a result, my efforts were immediately concentrated on the bank along the west side of the pond since the fish did not bite anymore.

This would be the biggest fish of the day measuring in at 16.00 inches.

Daniel with a 16-inch Largemouth Bass

After I released that fish back into the pond as we do in kayak fishing (Catch Photo Release) I paddled to the east end of the pond.

Where I caught a smaller bass on the crawfish-colored crankbait.

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All of a sudden the day was coming to an end, after paddling back across the pond we decided to load up and quickly realized that the next trip would be during the spawn.

Al Bungard Conservation Area with Cypress Trees
Al Bungard Conservation Area with Cypress Trees

In closing, I would like to say that the area is a neat little place to fish.

I will be going back in the future.

Meanwhile, Chatham County Parks and Recreation obviously has a lot to offer, and in the meantime, we will continue to find places to fish.

Aerial view of Al Bungard Conservation Area
Aerial view of Al Bungard Conservation Area

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