3 Baits for Fall Transition Bass 

People who know me know that I love to catch big bass. The bass are chompin’ right now, packing on the pounds for the winter. Some of them are so gorged that their bellies feel like they won’t stretch any further without tearing. This is precisely why I love fishing in the fall more than any other time of year. If you can find time to get on the water, here are three baits for fall transition bass. These baits will help you score some monster bags!

Fall Transition Kayak Bass

Chatter Baits

This was arguably the year of the chatter bait. While it’s not new to some, it became a household item when it dominated many events this year. In fact, I bet if you do your research, you could easily make the case that it, more than any others, was the bait that delivered high finishes one event after another. Part of that is the limitless versatility that it makes available to you. Rip it, pop it, burn it, slow roll it. Sometimes it looks so good coming through the water I even have to keep myself from eating it! Fall is one giant bass-feeding frenzy. Throwing a chatter bait is a must.

Chatter Baits

Jig and Craws

Many people think of this as predominantly a summer bait, but big fish tend to look for one big meal in the fall, and few things deliver that like a Jig and Craw. Black and Blue are always solid, but it’s dynamite right now! I like to use a craw trailer in colder water because it slows the fall of the jig and it is so heavily salted. Throw it around the structure and look for the transition areas near deep water and you can catch big girls for days!

blue and black jig
Blue and Black Jig

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Spinner Baits

This is a great way to locate fish. The size, color, and blade combination depend on the weather, water clarity, cloud cover, and depth. If I’m targeting schooling fish out deep, I use a bigger bait with bigger tandem blades. But if I’m fishing around docks or grass, I’ll throw something a little smaller to reduce my hang-ups. Chartreuse, silver flash, or white are my top picks. A word of advice: I always run a trailer hook to reduce the chances of losing a fish. It increases my catch rate. Don’t be afraid to get creative with the spinner bait.

White Spinner Bait
White Spinner Bait

So there you have it. Now you know my three baits for fall transition bass! Well… maybe not all my secrets! Make sure you SUBSCRIBE to my YouTube Channel and follow us on Instagram.

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